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Privacy Policy

Submission, Gathering and Use of Information:

Most information that we gather about visitors to our site is submitted to us voluntarily. However, in compliance with the law and when we believe doing so will assist us in providing better information and service to our visitors, we may gather, retain and use other information about our visitors. We take reasonable steps to protect all such information from unauthorized use, access or release.


From time to time, we may utilize “cookies” to improve our site and to enhance our ability to provide information and service to our visitors. “Cookies” are files that are placed on your computer’s hard drive by your Internet/Web browser. These “cookies” identify you as a prior visitor and let us know how you found us on the Internet. “Cookies” are also used to retrieve information, which you have previously submitted to us thereby alerting us to which information and features are of interest to you. This helps us improve the content and quality of the information we provide to you and other visitors.

Use of Website and Information

All use of our site is governed by the “Terms of Use” which are set forth in their entirety on our site. We provide information as a free service to our visitors. Neither the provision of the information nor the information itself is intended, or should be construed or relied upon, as legal or medical advice or as evidence of or an offer to commence an attorney-client and/or physician-patient relationship. Moreover, any communication, via email or otherwise, is intended as a no cost service and should not be viewed or construed as the rendering of any legal or medical advice.